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Welcome to Soonline Surf School!

Let’s surf together !

Come discover the joys of surfing in a magical environment right by the central beach of Moliets with our team of passionate and state certified instructors. Soonline offers different packages to discover surfing and experience your first waves. Thanks to our progressive pedagogy, you will have a lot of fun! Our instructors will introduce you to this amazing sport and will make you progress safelyChildren, adults, families, friends or groups, we welcome everyone from 5 to 99 years old… and more.

Avec une pédagogie évolutive et constructive, vous prendrez plaisir en surfant sur les vagues ! Nos moniteurs vous initieront à ce sport exceptionnel et vous feront progresser en toute sécurité : dès 5 ans, tous le monde est bienvenu !

Special Offers for Families

Our rates for all our packages and lessons include :

• The loan of the equipment during the surf lessons (surfboard, wetsuit and lycra)
• The French Surfing Federation quality charter (supervision, pedagogy, qualified instructors, safety, course certificate, friendly atmosphere)
• ‘Quality tourism’ charter (warm welcome, tailored service)
• Liability insurance (Allianz)
• Awareness-raising on the ocean and its ecosystem

Surf lessons schedules are planned according to weather, tides and swell. Make sure you come to the surf school 15 minutes prior to the lesson to get your wetsuit and surfboard.

All our instructors are qualified and hold a first aid certificate. They each carry a safety bag with a first aid kit, fins, a mobile phone and a colored flag matching the group’s lycras.

In case we have to cancel a surf lesson due to bad weather (storm) or strong swell, and we can’t postpone it to another day or replace it with another activitiy, you will get a refund.

Please read the terms and conditions for further information.


FFS (French Surfing Federation) Quality Charter:

• Which regulates each school (authorizations, rates, qualifications, safety,…)

• Guidelines for our activities (number of students, ocean awareness, weather, environment, safety,…)

• Reception (quality & information for each client)

• Premises and equipment (cleanliness, quality surfboards & wetsuits, organization,…)

• License & certification for all surf lessons


‘Quality Tourism’ specifications :

• Warm welcome
• Attentive and dynamic staff
• State certified instructors
• Foreign language proficiency
• Personalized packages
• Clear and accurate information
• Large choice of surf and skateboard equipment
• Discovery of new activities
• Your opinion is taken into account

Come find us at the reception of Soonline for any enquiry or registration. Our surf and skateboard school is located on Place de la Balise, right next to the central beach of Moliets-et-Maa. Our enthusiastic and professional team is available at any time of the day

Our surf lessons are held on the Central Beach of Moliets, ideal for beginners, intermediate or advanced lessons. Our instructors believe this to be an ideal spot, irregardless of your level. This is where the vast beach of the Landes region joins the Natural Reserve of the Current of Huchet. The stream enters the sea and creates ideal waves at any time of the year. This is our little heaven on earth!

Our surf school is open every day (8.30am – 7.30pm) from April to November. Our surf lessons are held from Monday to Sunday and scheduled according to your level, tides, swell and weather conditions. Every morning, our team checks the ocean, swell and sand banks to make sure the surf lessons are given in the best conditions. We choose the most suitable tide schedule for each group, so that everyone can enjoy themselves and progress safely.

To teach surfing on the Atlantic coast, we take into account waves, tides, sand banks as well as weather conditions to be able to form homogeneous groups according to your age and experience (beginner – advanced).
Our surf instructors use a progressive pedagogy so that everyone gets to surf at their own pace. Passionate about sports, ocean and nature, our staff raises awareness on currents, tides, rules, priorities, equipment and, above all, respect for the ocean and its ecosystem. At the end of the lesson, we hope you have enjoyed the experience and would like to continue surfing.

We use high end and innovative equipment for our surf lessons. From foamies to performance surfboards, the equipment is adapted to each person according to your size and level of practice, experience and appropriate for all seasons.

The surfboard and wetsuit will evolve with you throughout your lessons to make sure it meets your needs :

• Foam boards (light and stable)
• Handles to carry the board
• Hard of soft fins
• Epoxy surfboards with foam deck to ensure better grip and improve technique
• Long 4/3 wetsuits for spring/fall sessions, long 3/2 wetsuits and short 2/2 wetsuits for the summer season. You choose!


The environment is very important to our surf and skateboard school. We constantly aim to do the maximum as not to damage the environment. We offer a line of environmentally friendly products : wax, neoprene, recycled textile, bio repair products, 100% natural sun screen, and much more.

Our staff aims to raise awareness on the environment allowing us to enjoy clean, healthy and magical beaches.

The more we respect the environment, the more pleasure we get out of it.

Our new challenge! Grab and go:

Pick up waste found on the beach, in the nature or the ocean.

We like it green and clean!

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Our Soonline surf and skate school, equipment rental and pro shop surfing skateboarding welcomes you every day from April and November from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm next to Moliets beach. You can reach us at any time by tel (+33 5 58 47 16 11), by email (ecoledesurfetskate@gmail.com) or on our site. We will answer you with pleasure.

For our clients with physical disabilities or special needs, please get in touch for further information and tailored advice.

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