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Welcome to Soonline Skate School!

Let’s slide into new adventures !

The skateboard culture is deeply rooted in the heart of the Landes region. Skateparks of all kinds (bowls, modules, ramps, bars, etc) are available to people of all levels and styles to learn, practice or perfect your ‘street’ skateboarding skills at any time.

For those of you who prefer to cruise on longboards, carvers or cruisers, you can take advantage of the bicycle lanes through the forests throughout the Landes in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

Soon Line skateboard school has been teaching for many years in all skateboarding disciplines, ensuring a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Special Offers for Families

Our rates for all our packages and lessons include :

• The loan of the equipment during the skate lessons

• ‘Quality tourism’ charter (supervision, progressive pedagogy, qualified instructors, safety, course certificate, warm welcome, tailored service)

• Liability insurance (Allianz)

• Transport (surrounding skateparks)

• Course certificate

• Souvenir from the school

• Skate lessons are planned according to weather conditions

In case we have to cancel a skate lesson due to bad weather (storm) or illness, accident,…, and we can’t postpone it to another day or replace it with another activity, you will get a refund.

Please read the terms and conditions for further information.


‘Quality Tourism’ specifications :

• Warm welcome
• Attentive and dynamic staff
• State certified instructors
• Foreign language proficiency
• Personalized packages
• Clear and accurate information
• Large choice of surf and skateboard equipment
• Discovery of new activities
• Your opinion is taken into account

For all information regarding sign up and meeting points, please come see us at our skateboard school located on the Place de la Balise, next to the central beach of Moliets. Our dynamic team would like to welcome you and aid you with any questions you may have regarding any activities (surf / skateboard / technique / bicycle / clothing).

Skate spots

Street skateboarding lessons are held in one of the many skateparks in and around Moliets-et-Mâa, featuring many different modules, from progressive to advanced. The skateparks are close to Moliets and are easily accessible to everyone, irregardless of your level. For other displines such as longboarding, the lessons take place on the cycling paths in the pine forest, ideal for cruising enthusiasts.

When to skate?

Our skateboard school is open every day (8.30am – 7.30pm) from April to November. Skateboard lessons are given from 9am until 4pm (weather permitting). At the beginning of each week, we check the weather forecast, to ensure that lessons can be held according to schedule. Skatepark lessons are held in the mornings and end of afternoons. Longboarding lessons are held in the early afternoons. In case the lesson has to be cancelled due to bad weather, we aim to reschedule, find another solution or give you a refund. Our priority is to organize optimal lessons so that you can skate safely and with maximal pleasure.

Learning process

How do I learn or progress at skateboarding? Enthusiasm and motivation are key to learning and perfecting your skateboarding skills. After practicing your balance on the board to gain self-confidence, you will start exercises with your instructor who will show you how to enjoy skateboarding at all levels in a safe environment. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Skateboard equipment

At Soon Line, lessons are given with high-end equipment, renewed every season. Skateboards (cruiser, longboard, penny, street) are chosen and adjusted according to your level, your age and your style for optimal progression. Helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards are included in the price. Skateboard equipment can be changed at any time during your lesson to try another board or style (if available). Our skateboards are chosen from major brands, renewed and regularly maintained by our team to guarantee efficiency and quality. (Sector 9, Carver, Antiz, Jart, Vision, Long Island,…)


The environment is very important to our surf and skateboard school. We constantly aim to do the maximum as not to damage the environment. We offer a line of environmentally friendly products : wax, neoprene, recycled textile, bio repair products, 100% natural sun screen, and much more.

Our staff aims to raise awareness on the environment allowing us to enjoy clean, healthy and magical beaches.

The more we respect the environment, the more pleasure we get out of it.

Our new challenge! Grab and go:

Pick up waste found on the beach, in the nature or the ocean.

We like it green and clean!

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‘We like it green and clean, don’t throw anything on the floor!’

Our Soonline surf and skate school, equipment rental and pro shop surfing skateboarding welcomes you every day from April and November from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm next to Moliets beach. You can reach us at any time by tel (+33 5 58 47 16 11), by email (ecoledesurfetskate@gmail.com) or on our site. We will answer you with pleasure.

No matter which occasion : events, schools, companies, associations, sports clubs, seminars, birthdays, weddings, incentives, hen/stag parties, family reunions,…

Please get in touch for free and personalized quotes.

For our clients with physical disabilities or special needs, please get in touch for more information and tailored advice.

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