GROUP SKATE LESSONS • max 8 people • durationg 2 hours (1hr30 of skateboarding) • equipment and transport included

Longboard beginner lessons are held on bike paths. This is where you learn to balance and turn on your board. Advanced longboarders will head to more technical spots where they will increase self-confidence and realize different figures like the pivot or the shove-it.

The longboard ‘dancing’, which is as the name indicates ‘dancing’ on the board, or the cross step can also be taught by our instructors.

A complete different discipline from street skateboarding but just as sensational!

• From 5 to 99 years old and more

• Beginner, intermediate, advanced

• For children, teenagers, adults…

• Equipment, transport and liability insurance included (skateboard, protections, helmet)

• Course certificate

• Souvenir from the school


1 session • (1 x 2h) • 39€/pp
3 sessions • (3 x 2h) • 115€/pp
5 sessions • (5 x 2h) • 159€/pp
Extra session • 35€/pp